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The Network: Business at Berkeley Law blog is published by the Berkeley Center for Law and Business (BCLB) in collaboration with the Berkeley Business Law Journal (BBLJ). The blog is part of a larger effort by BCLB and BBLJ to utilize social media and the Internet to build awareness of the work of UC Berkeley faculty and provide students, academics and professionals the opportunity to engage in online dialog about the impact of law and regulation on business and the economy.

BCLB is Berkeley Law’s hub for rigorous, relevant, empirically based research and education on the interrelationships of law, business, and the economy. Its mission is to inform students, policymakers and the public of the implications of this innovative work to promote positive outcomes on business operations, economic growth, and market efficiency. BCLB’s interdisciplinary approach to basic research, timely policy research, curriculum innovation, and public education empowers current and future leaders in business, law and policy to tackle the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow.

BBLJ is a student-managed publication of Berkeley Law. Its mission is to facilitate discussions through a variety of channels, including print publications and speaker events. BBLJ publishes two issues per year containing timely and innovative scholarly research by academics and practitioners.

The Network is a student-run platform. Posts are not reviewed or endorsed by Berkeley Law. 

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