Jesse Choper on Supreme Court Rulings

San Francisco Chronicle, June 26, by Bob Egelko
Although the ruling is limited to drug-related speech, it shows that the court is no longer “putting a strong thumb on the First Amendment scale (in favor of) students.”

First Amendment Center Online, June 26, by Tony Mauro
The two new conservatives want to be modest, “at least in the First Amendment realm.”

KTVU-TV, June 26, Reporter Randy Shandobil
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Goodwin Liu on Supreme Court School Integration Ruling

National Public Radio, Morning Edition, June 29, Reporter Nina Totenberg
“…school districts will have….to figure out…what kind of flexibility they have and how they can design creative solutions to racially integrate their schools.”

PBS, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer June 29, Host Margaret Warner
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San Francisco Chronicle, June 29, by Bob Egelko
“School districts have been sent back to the drawing board … to devise creative assignment plans…”

Diverse Issues in Higher Education Online, June 29, by Ibram Rogers
“I think that the majority of the court is still willing to keep the Michigan affirmative action case intact…”

L.A. Daily Journal, June 29, by Brent Kendall

Reuters, June 29, by James Vicini
“What a difference a single justice makes…”

New York Sun, June 29, by Joseph Goldstein
“…school officials will not be violating the Constitution if they take race into account in deciding where to put the schools….”

Bay Area Newswire, San Francisco Chronicle &, June 28
“The take-away from today’s ruling is that five justices agree that racially integrated public schools remain a compelling interest of our society.”

Which Way, L.A.? (KCRW-FM NPR), June 28, Host Warren Olney
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National Public Radio, All Things Considered, June 28, Reporter: Nina Totenberg

Christopher Hoofnagle on the Aftermath of HP Pretexting Case

San Francisco Chronicle, June 29, by Jessica Guynn
“Now an organization has to think twice about the potential blowback from investigating journalists and others who have a right to free speech and should not be harassed…”