Dean Edley on Proposed Increases in UC Professional School Fees

San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, by Tanya Schevitz

“The goal is to ensure that we have the resources to be a top-10 law school. Aspiring to mediocrity is anathema to us. My students, faculty, and alumni want a great law school, not an average one, provided there is financial aid and loan forgiveness to ensure our access and freedom of career choice.”

Ty Alper on Release of Inmate Walter Rhone, a Death Penalty Clinic Client

The Recorder, July 23, by Petra Pasternak (requires registration)

Ty Alper…said that Alabama courts are “very hostile to people convicted of horrible crimes,” and that it’s very rare to help a man walk out of prison free. This was a first in Alper’s legal career, he said.

KCBS (740 AM), July 22 podcast

“We started looking into his case and it wasn’t until then that we realized not only was this guy innocent, but there was outrageous misconduct…”

San Francisco Daily Journal, July 20, by Tim Hay
(requires registration)

“His own lawyers didn’t do him any favors…They didn’t investigate his case. But (Rhone) was smart enough to know he needed lawyers, and desperate enough to trust a stranger…”