Safety and Support

In the wake of Free Speech Week, HR wanted to share some helpful resources so everyone feels safe and supported on campus. These include:

Campus Safety Resources

Campus Support Resources

  •  The Employee Assistance Program provides informational handouts on a number of topics, including support following demonstrations of hate. Faculty and Staff are also welcome to call the program office at 510-643-7754 for more information or to seek support.
  •  The campus Division of Equity and Inclusion also offers information, support, and resources.

You can read the Chancellor’s updates and view the anticipated schedule of events here.

While our campus is committed to the right to free expression, our Principles of Community uphold a just community in which discrimination and hate are not tolerated.  We are committed not only to the Principles of Community, but also to upholding the

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and the Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy.