Using gmail work management tools

Two helpful hints for email and task management

If you live in the Gmail universe as I do, you might like these two tricks.

When you are reading an email and want to deal with it “later” or even on a specific date, you can click on the vertical ellipsis at the top of the inbox, click “add to tasks” and the email will become a task in your task list on the right side of your gmail screen. Once in the list, you can modify the task, set a date, or mark as complete. I find this really helpful especially at the end of the day when I want to get through my inbox but can’t deal with every message that has arrived. This way, when I open up my email the next day, I have some tasks already in a queue. It’s also a great way to keep track of things while you are waiting for someone else to get back to you.

I also use the “keep” tool, which I call “ideas” because of its lightbulb emoji. When I need to keep track of a specific URL to send out in emails, or a block of text to keep answering the same questions over and over again, I create a note to “keep.” The taskbar and the keep bar are easy to call up on the screen and access when needed.

Email conversations

Some users prefer to not have threaded/conversation mode turned on in e-mail (e-mails grouped together rather than purely sorted by date). To turn off conversation mode in bmail (webmail):

1) In, click on the Gear icon, then settings
2) Click on the General tab
3) Scroll down to Conversation View and click on Conversation View off.
4) Scroll to the bottom and click on Save Changes.
Montie Magree
UC Berkeley Law School Help Desk

Adding Network Printers

People at the law school need to print a lot. So, our tech gurus have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to add network printers (such as the copiers located throughout the school). Here are tips for PC users:

  • On Windows 10: click start, then, under Berkeley Law IT, click Add Network Printer.
  • On Windows 7: click start, all programs, then Add Network Printer.
  • Double click on the printer you want to add, and you’ll be all set.
  • For details (including “how-to” photos), please go to here.

On a laptop or a Mac? Contact the Help Desk at

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