Good Girl Lady Pearl

My name is Lady Pearl. I am the master of a grand 1 BR apartment in North Berkeley, where I generously allow my humans to reside among my copious puppy fur balls. I love swimming and have dipped my paws in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as the mighty Mississippi, Lake Tahoe, and every river and stream in the Bay Area. I’m a very lucky pup because my mommy and daddy love camping and going for hikes in the woods and I get to run free and explore and sniff stuff and roll around in the tall grass. I like snuggles and tushy rubs and cheese and no one can resist my soulful brown eyes. My mommy says I’m the sweetest schmoodle and the puppiest pupperoni that ever lived. I wish she would talk to me like a grown pup, I am 13 years old after all. You’re embarrassing me mom!

Submitted by Rachel DeLetto