Book Launch: Persuasion, The Hidden Forces That Influence Negotiations (Routledge 2018)

Some exciting news – my new book has just been released! Hope you find it useful and can share it with others:
Title: Persuasion: The Hidden Forces That Influence Negotiations
Author: Jasper Kim
Publisher: Routledge (2018)
Book Description:

Persuasion: The Hidden Forces That Influence Negotiations represents the first book of its kind to package and present persuasion principles in an innovative, international, and interdisciplinary fashion. 

This easy-to-understand book is the culmination of seminal research findings spanning across decades and disciplines―psychology, philosophy, negotiations, decision-making, logic, law, and economics, among others―from esteemed experts around the world. Persuasion provides a series of short, simple-to-use intellectual tools to go above and beyond merely describing ‘what to think’―but ‘how to think’ in a persuasion, influence, and negotiation context―across a diverse array of disciplines, sectors, and situations from boardrooms to classrooms for the twenty-first century.