Latest Faculty News

Sonia Katyal has been selected to participate in the inaugural Berkeley Faculty Leadership Academy in Spring 2019. The Academy is “intended for tenured faculty who are interested in developing skills and knowledge for leadership on the Berkeley campus.”

To celebrate world refugee day on June 20, Katerina Linos and her research group launched the web site Digital Refuge. Katerina describes Digital Refuge as “an interactive mapping project that presents refugees’ experiences in their own words. With the help of many students who speak Arabic and Farsi, we mapped and analyzed multiple sources, including more than 6,000 in-person interviews and more than 10,000 social media posts from Facebook, to tell the story of displaced persons caught up in the refugee crisis.” Check it out!

Governor Brown has appointed Jordan Diamond, CLEE Executive Director and Co-Director of the Law of the Sea Institute, as one of two public representatives on the state’s Ocean Protection Council, whose mission is to “ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.”

Eric Biber‘s ongoing project analyzing the relative impact of state environmental review procedures and local land use regulations on limiting housing development in California was featured in a segment of Capital Public Radio’s California Report.

Catherine Crump and clinical teaching fellow Megan Graham penned an op-ed in the SF Chronicle on the Supreme Court’s decision in Carpenter v. US, holding that the government needs a warrant to get access to cell phone location records.