Staff spotlight: Events Services Unit

Event Services Unit Staff

These amazing event planners and ideas people bring creativity, resourcefulness, inclusivity, and professionalism to law school events in service of the faculty and staff, students, alumni, and friends of Berkeley Law. They work with departments throughout the school and across campus.

(from left to right)

Lily Yang was born in Taipei, raised in Sydney and Singapore.

  • Event Tips: Always have extra name tags. And painter’s tape. Always assume (and practice!) goodwill.
  • Best Event: Opening night post-show party for “No Man’s Land” with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

Jenny Boyden was born in Oakland, at what used to be Merritt Hospital on Pill Hill.

  • Event tips: Expect the unexpected, remember to breathe, and bring your most creative self to solve problems on the spot–there is always a way!
  • Best event (thus far :-): Money for Our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference

Nancy Donovan was born in Motown, Detroit, Michigan and raised in southern California.

  • Event tips: Address people by their names whenever possible and smile. Cheeseboard double cut pizza is always a hit at parties.
  • Best event: Caroline Kennedy’s wedding in Hyannis Port in 1986.  Big budget!


Thembianne Jackson is a Berkeley baby, born at Alta Bates Hospital.

  • Event tips: Always stay calm and smile. Drink stations over bottled drinks whenever possible.
  • Best event: Law School Commencement. It is not only a large event with 3,000 plus attendees descending on the Law School, but it’s also very touching and a special chance to see so many happy families.
  • Organizing staff events is great because we love the staff at Berkeley Law.