Max, the unintended pet

Max is special because he is so curious, and sweet, and flexible, and he is very good about letting me know what he likes and what he does not like. I never thought that I would want a dog in my life, but he has found his place in our home, and in our hearts.
Here is a fun quote from a poem by Mary Oliver:
“Be prepared. A dog is adorable and noble. A dog is a true and loving friend. A dog is also a hedonist.”
From Heather Gevertz,  Major Gift Officer in Development and Alumni Relations

“Thanks for coming in today” comes through with the win

The winners of last month’s trivia contest, team “Thanks for coming in today” (pictured below with pikachu Montie), have taken the crown from the reigning champions, “Consumed.” We can all rest easy knowing that the beloved and honorable Trivia Cup trophy has been rightfully seized from the clutches of the Dean’s Office. Stay tuned for more trivia updates and upcoming chances to reign most supreme.

Thanks for coming in today…

Nala, new assistant faculty

Nala (a golden doodle puppy) is the newest addition to the Chemerinsky-Fisk household. She is my sabbatical project for the spring semester, and is helping me write a book. Without her tireless assistance, I’m sure the book would have been done in half the time.
She is looking forward to meeting faculty, staff, and students in August as the junior assistant to our older dog, Teddy the Party Animal, when we host everyone for the annual start-of-year dinners.
Submitted by Prof. Catherine Fisk

Eric Stern

I just got off the phone with a former student who could not stop praising Eric Stern for the remarkable assistance he provided her in finding a federal judicial clerkship two years ago, and for the help he is providing her today in helping her make her next move. I believe the way she put it — after detailing the remarkable way that Eric stays in touch with graduates to gauge their satisfaction and to glean information about potential openings for others — was, “I would not have this job were it not for Eric Stern.” I can only imagine the number of Berkeley Law students who can and would say exactly the same thing. Kudos to Eric for the energy, care, and skill he brings to helping young lawyers on their way and supporting them throughout their careers. He truly embodies the Berkeley Way.

~Ted Mermin

Montie Magree

Montie is just invaluably helpful, quick to respond, and wonderful in his work with the whole variety of systems.  But I should say I have terrific experience with the whole of the IT Group, and Ryan was very helpful the other day, as was Gabriel.


~Chris Kutz

Erika Espinoza

Erika has been incredibly helpful in working out how to accommodate the surge of DSP test takers in Legal Studies, working quickly and creatively to find solutions, always with terrific humor.  She is utterly reliable in everything asked of her, and goes beyond what is expected,


~Chris Kutz

Stephanie Dorton, Barbara Karvelot and Lisa Bazan in FSU

Thank you all for helping the Registrar’s office–especially since I wasn’t 100% sure what exactly we needed. I appreciate the understanding and the quick action. Many, many thanks to Lisa especially who had the equipment and expertise to solve our problem. It’s nice to know we can count on you in a pinch 😉


~Trish Keady

Erin Dineen

With absolutely no rest after pulling off a very successful Alumni Reunion, Erin got hard to work on putting together 5 alumni events in Sao Paulo, Santiago, Paris, Rome, and Zurich coinciding with ADP’s fall recruiting trips. The alumni were thrilled to be able to meet other alumni from past years living in their cities and feel connected to Berkeley Law. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Erin, the alumni and we appreciate it so much!

~Anya Grossman and Liza Jimenez

Thank you for your great help in connecting me with contacts in Australia – and in organizing a Berkeley Law event on such short notice there.  It was lovely to see a handful of UC Berkeley alums and they were so excited that someone/anyone from the Law School thought to visit them.  You handled it with so much grace and efficiency – the organizers on that end were singng your praises.  And I, of course, wanted to join them because it was a fun event – and all went fine!


~Sue Schechter

Beth Borowski

Thanks to Beth for dealing so patiently and quickly with all of the moving pieces for Apellate Advocacy room reservations this semester.  This was made even more tedious this year with rescheduling all of our final review sessions due to smoke-related campus closures, and practitioners giving us less than 24 hours notice of when they would like to meet.


~Barbara Karvelot

Lily Yang

I’d like to nominate Lily Yang for a shout out award for her outstanding service and support of the Berkeley Law Executive Education program.

Lily recently closed out a 10-day straight schedule consisting of 3 consecutive programs: Finance Academy, Fundamentals of Banking Law, and Artificial Intelligence Unlocked. Lily managed everything from production and staffing to A/V and financials. We are so fortunate to have Lily’s expertise and dedication here at Berkeley Law. Thanks a million, Lily!

~Thembianne Jackson

I want to echo Thembi’s praise of Lily Yang. Lily is an integral part of the Berkeley Law Executive Education team. She is highly organized and a great collaborator who works tirelessly to achieve our program objectives. Lily’s calm demeanor helps events run smoothly and her sense of humor helps ensure that our program participants and instructors enjoy the time they spend with us. Thanks for all you do Lily!

~Jim Gilbert