Megan Pham

Shout out to Megan Pham for being essential to the success of the ADP program recruiting and marketing teams. As a student worker with a lot her plate outside of the law school, Megan still always brings her A-game to her work and handles every project with grace, efficiency, supreme effectiveness and a positive attitude to boot. We wouldn’t be able to support our amazing staff recruiters as effectively – and bring more amazing LLM students to Berkeley Law every year – without her. Thanks, Megan!

~Kara Gantner

Cameron Bailey

Cameron has been so patiently instrumental in coordinating media requests with one of our community partners. Thank you for your role in ensuring the event’s success, Cameron!

~Your grateful colleagues in the Pro Bono Program

Yongbin Chang

Yongbin did an exceptional job coordinating a very successful Mental Health Awareness and Wellness Week for the students. He came up with creative new programming and made sure the multiple events ran smoothly.

~Kyle Valenti

Sara Malan, Melanie Rowen, Sarra Ziari, and Valerie Castelo

Thank you, Sara and Melanie and Sarra and Valerie – thanks for stepping up in a big way to move the First Annual PI Reception forward last night. And Sara – thanks for the idea and making it happen!

We had almost 200 rsvps and a nice showing last night – and I think students really enjoyed the moment to hang out, nibble and chat – we are at that point in the semester, that many said they needed the break and they were heartened to see so many of their colleagues/friends there. And it was great to get Dean Chemerinsky there for a few minutes to welcome folks and reiterate his support for their paths.

~Your friends and fans in PIWG – Public Interest Working Group

Roberto Osario

Roberto was wonderful in helping to stage (and dismantle!) Reunion Weekend 2018. THANK YOU from all those who didn’t know who was behind the hard work!

~Charles Cannon

Jairus Chappell

Jairus did a remarkable job setting up and breaking down the complicated staging of Reunion Weekend 2018. On behalf of all those who are unaware of who did the heavy lifting THANK YOU!

~Charles Cannon

Julia Kahn

Thank you for taking on so much with the Pro Bono and Field Placement Program. Please know your work and attention to our students and us is greatly appreciated! Hang in there –

~Sue Schechter and Deborah Schlosberg

Marva DeMarothy

Marva has been SO helpful to the dean’s office (and the law school as a whole). Every time we have a question or last minute request, she finds an answer almost immediately. We’re incredibly grateful to have her here at the law school. Her help and guidance has been invaluable!!!

~Whitney Mello & Ben Hiebert

Whitney Mello

Thank you Whitney for taking up every chore no matter how odd, and always with good cheer!

~Charles Cannon

Shivani Bhatia

I am nominating Shivani Bhatia for responding almost instantly to a mounting concern of our students paying out of pocket for pro bono project operating expenses and then seeking reimbursement. We had three major issues and she offered practical solutions to all — this is true even though these problems have plagued many departments at the law school for years.

She put our students first and for that we are so grateful.

~Deborah Schlosberg, Sue Schechter, and Julia Kahn