Caroline Cheng

Recently, when Deborah Schlosberg, Pro Bono Director and Sue Schechter, Field Placement Director, were between Program Directors, Caroline was volunteered to help us with keeping our reimbursements and related tasks moving forward. Caroline was a pleasure to work with – made it so easy for us – and handled it more than capably. She took the initiative when she needed to and asked great questions to move things along. It was really great to get her help.

Sue Schechter and Deborah Schlosberg

Melissa Kendrick

We would like to give out a Shout Out to Melissa Kendrick.  She has been awesome in helping us sort and manage our Pro Bono/SLPS and Field Placements budgets. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to work with Melissa. She answers our questions with speed, patience, and accuracy unsurpassed!
Sue Schechter, Deborah Schlosberg, and Julia Kahn

Matthew Ray

I am putting in a ShoutOut nomination for Matthew Ray.  Matthew is a relatively new member of the Berkeley staff and he has just jumped in a major way to help with activities and building community at the Law School.  His willingness to carry the laboring oar on the Berkeley Law Bulletin is impressive and we are a better place because of it!
Thank you, Matthew.
Sue Schechter

Julia Lai

Julia came to the Law School in January and dived into the deep end of the pool immediately. Prior to Julia’s arrival, there wasn’t any other individual in the Law School Finance team that could help me with contract and grant responsibilities. Her work ethic, skill set, and experience have been invaluable. I appreciate that she also takes responsibility for her work and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is collegial and friendly, and has helped to foster a better environment here. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her.

Melissa Kendrick

Kyle Valenti

Kyle Valenti has been doing a fantastic job planning and executing orientation. His attention to detail and pre-planning have ensured that everything is in order and running smoothly. Kyle has given nothing short of a Herculean effort for this years incoming students. From student advising to planning Orientations, and stepping in for Dean Hirshen at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, Kyle has been a super star for Student Services.

Christin Stella and Claire Blide

Edwin Bish

I’d like to nominate Edwin Bish for a Shout Out Award. I would like Edwin to know that I appreciate all of the support he’s devoted to the Visiting Scholars Program. We’re a needy and large group and he’s been helpful with granting room/building access in quick fashion. He’s very patient, great to work with and efficient.

Farrah Fanara

Claire Blide

I’d like to give a shout out to Claire Blide for doing an incredible job in summer scheduling. She took over the task from another office, and the transition has been seamless. Claire used her wonderful organizational skills and attention to detail to make many improvements. The Law School is lucky to have Claire!

Carol Rachwald

Erin Dineen

Heartfelt thanks to Erin Dineen for stepping into the breach by assisting Student Services just as orientation is about to commence.

You bring just the right poise and polish guaranteed to put new 1L’s at ease!

Charles Cannon

Gabriel Gonzalez

Gabriel fast-tracked the Pro Bono Program’s adoption of software which will better enable and incentivize our students to track their pro bono hours throughout their three years here at Berkeley Law. I am grateful to Gabriel for his support in making the new software available in time for the beginning of the Fall Semester and for being a great colleague to work with through the process.

Deborah Schlosberg

Kathleen Vanden Heuvel

Kathleen spent hours of her time trying to make sure a guest of the law school is handled by their home Berkeley department, protecting us downstream support as much as possible.
Montie Magree