Props to Israel

Israel, you provide one-of-a-kind service to the Clinical Program. It’s always a pleasure working with you and learning from you. You’re quick to help us out when we’re in a bind, and we know we can count on you. In a culture where “no” can often be the first response, you always start with “yes!” You’re the epitome of positivity and diligence. Thank you so much for all you do.
Submitted by Farrah Fanara, Olivia Layug Balbarin & Amy Utstein

Photo contest winners

Take a look at the dynamic photos submitted to the photo contest. A shout out to all who participated and to the winners: Luke Sherman; Rachel DeLetto; Susanna Spiro; Monica Haulman; Lothar Determan; Farrah Fanara; Dominic Walshe; Ron Skinner; Jen Covens; Linda Tam; Stephanie Deaner; Lisa Ferrari; and Oliver Kay.

Submitted by Amatullah Alaji-Sabrie


Saint Montie

So, we all know how awesome Montie is, but you might not know that our international partners in Central and South America call him San Montie (Saint Montie in English.) The International Human Rights Law Clinic has a current case in Honduras, and when we encountered a variety of technical issues relating to privacy concerns, Montie stepped up and came up with creative solutions for some pretty complicated problems. It got to the point that when a new problem arose, our partners would just say, “Llame a San Montie” (call Saint Montie) and when the call was made morning, noon, or night, Montie would answer and prove his worthiness for sainthood. We are so lucky to have him here at the Law School!

Submitted by Roxanna Altholz and Amy Utstein

Backpack Project a Success

Thanks to the law school community for making our Backpack Project for the Davis Street Center a resounding success.  We brought almost $1,800 worth of supplies/backpacks (almost 50!) in about 15 boxes to the Center. Thank you to Alexey Berlind, Ariana Ceja, Marty Grenhart, Ahmed Lavalais, Deborah Schlosberg and Amy Utstein for helping to sort and schlep.  And especially thank you to all who donated funds and supplies! Backpack projects like these help children off to a good start for the new school year. See this recent story in the NYTimes.

Look for more opportunities for the Law School community to give back throughout the year,

Sue Schechter
on behalf of PIWG and Climate Committee’s Events/Recognition Subcommittee

New Faculty Support Professionals at Berkeley Law

Last semester, the FSU welcomed Faculty Support Professionals Rachel Shuen and Cheryl Kuntz. Rachel and Cheryl support a large group of our law professors, and they have quickly become high performing contributors to our team. Please welcome Rachel and Cheryl who are both located in the FSU suite of offices in 325 Boalt Hall.

Goodbye & Congratulations to Ryan Kwock!

 We are sad to see Ryan Kwock go from the Dean’s Office, but are so excited and proud of him to become a 1L at Berkeley Law next month! Ryan, thank you for all that you have done for the Dean’s Office during this transition, and for the school as a whole. Your professionalism and excellence in everything you do is much appreciated by many.

Welcome Wagon on a Roll

I’m happy to report that the Welcome Wagon, which launched in April, has a dozen volunteers and, by the time the new school year starts, will have welcomed 25 folks to Berkeley Law with coffee, a building tour, a set of places to visit around the neighborhood, and tips for getting things done.  We’ve welcomed everyone from professors to HR staff to clinical fellows to, yup, the new dean. Thanks Welcome Wagoneers!

Reference Librarian Rocks!

I wanted to send a shout-out of thanks to I-Wei Wang, one of our wonderful reference librarians here at Boalt. When I had unexplained online retrieval difficulties, she graciously went above and beyond to help me obtain usable copies of research articles for one of the professors that I support. Not only did she walk me through the steps to troubleshoot, she also sent me PDF files of what I needed and then followed up with step-by-step instructions for reference if I should encounter this anomaly again. Thank you, I-Wei, you rock!

Shout-Out: ESU and Student Services

Shout-Out to the Event Services Unit and Student Services for pulling off another awesome commencement. This is our biggest event of the year, and these two units made it look easy—even though nearly everyone on both teams wasn’t working at Boalt for last year’s commencement.

Way to go:

Thembi Jackson
Michael Sensei
Nancy Donovan
Kyle Valenti
Izzy Mayer

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