Berkeley Law’s Latest American Law Institute Member

Professor Saira Mohamed was recently elected as a member of the American Law Institute (ALI). The institute is the leading independent organization in the U.S. producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law. More info on the ALI and its members can be found here.

Submitted by anonymous

Props to Israel

Israel, you provide one-of-a-kind service to the Clinical Program. It’s always a pleasure working with you and learning from you. You’re quick to help us out when we’re in a bind, and we know we can count on you. In a culture where “no” can often be the first response, you always start with “yes!” You’re the epitome of positivity and diligence. Thank you so much for all you do.
Submitted by Farrah Fanara, Olivia Layug Balbarin & Amy Utstein

Good Girl Lady Pearl

My name is Lady Pearl. I am the master of a grand 1 BR apartment in North Berkeley, where I generously allow my humans to reside among my copious puppy fur balls. I love swimming and have dipped my paws in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as the mighty Mississippi, Lake Tahoe, and every river and stream in the Bay Area. I’m a very lucky pup because my mommy and daddy love camping and going for hikes in the woods and I get to run free and explore and sniff stuff and roll around in the tall grass. I like snuggles and tushy rubs and cheese and no one can resist my soulful brown eyes. My mommy says I’m the sweetest schmoodle and the puppiest pupperoni that ever lived. I wish she would talk to me like a grown pup, I am 13 years old after all. You’re embarrassing me mom!

Submitted by Rachel DeLetto

Pay Range Adjustment: GSIs, Tutors, and GSRs

Pursuant to the terms of their contract, the Academic Student Employee (ASE) salary scales have been increased by 3 percent effective 10/1/17. The salary scales for GSRs have also been increased by 3 percent effective 10/1/17.

The updated salary rates will be processed automatically by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) and Campus Shared Services (CSS).

You can find more information here.

New Hires

Welcome to our new employees:


Prithika Balakrishnan, Lecturer;

Emily Berry, Lecturer of Legal Writing;

Juliet Bonczkowski, Database Enrollment Specialist, Financial Aid;

Fiona Bradford, Helpdesk Analyst, IS&T;


Alumni Reunion Weekend 2017

On the weekend of October 6-7, we will welcome over 600 alumni and guests to the school for Alumni Reunion Weekend 2017.

We’d be delighted for your volunteer help once again in making this a success. If you can volunteer for a 4-hour slot, we’d like to invite you to attend the whole weekend program. For those of you unable to volunteer, we appreciate your patience as we convert the school temporarily to Memory Lane.

Reminder: Alumni Weekend is preceded by a community celebration of the life of Dean Herma Hill Kay. All are invited to the International House, Chevron Auditorium on Friday, October 6, 4pm-6pm. You can register here to attend.

Please contact Amy Ambrose for more information.

Safety and Support

In the wake of Free Speech Week, HR wanted to share some helpful resources so everyone feels safe and supported on campus. These include:

Campus Safety Resources

Campus Support Resources

  •  The Employee Assistance Program provides informational handouts on a number of topics, including support following demonstrations of hate. Faculty and Staff are also welcome to call the program office at 510-643-7754 for more information or to seek support.
  •  The campus Division of Equity and Inclusion also offers information, support, and resources.

You can read the Chancellor’s updates and view the anticipated schedule of events here.

While our campus is committed to the right to free expression, our Principles of Community uphold a just community in which discrimination and hate are not tolerated.  We are committed not only to the Principles of Community, but also to upholding the

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and the Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy.

Bake Sale

Please join us on Thursday, Sept. 28, from 8am to 2pm, in the Donor Lobby for a BAKE SALE to support two amazing organizations that are doing incredibly important work helping individuals with DACA applications.  The organizations are:

East Bay Community Law Center

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

All proceeds raised will be split in half and shared equally with these two organizations.

We will have coffee for sale by the 1951 Coffee Company, a non-profit specialty organization seeking to promote the well-being of the Bay Area refugee community. The company provides job training and employment for refugees and asylees, while educating the community about refugee life and issues.

We need your help in two ways:

  1. Please bake something—sweet or savory—now is your moment to shine. We welcome all goodies—healthy or not healthy. If they have nuts, please make that clear. And, of course, vegan items are welcome!
  2. Please come and buy something!

Thank you for your help and support. If you want to do more, please contact us.

Submitted by Erin Dineen and Sue Schechter, on behalf of the law school’s Climate Committee Community Service Group





Meet Chai

This is Chai (though his name tag says Chia- oops!). He is a handsome, sweet, social 5 year old boy. We adopted him from Milo Foundation when he was around 2. He is the Mayor of Josephine Street and has made friends with all the neighbors. You may find him lounging on any front porch when you come home from work. Nicknames include: Bop, Snooky and Waddles McQuack. Chai wants to go to Cal when he graduates high school. Go Bears!

Submitted by Jennifer Griego

Meet Hannah … aka “Trouble”

Meet Hannah. She’s a 14-year old wire hair dachshund, and those are not eyebrows on her head. They are little devil horns. Hannah is the matriarch of the household and reminds her family — moms, Marty Grenhart and Linda Savinelli; and siblings, Cinnamon, Rico, and Petey — of that fact every day. She is stubborn, but very loving, and is adept at sniffing out treats of all kinds. In this shot, she managed to get into the pantry while we were gone and binged on whatever she happened to find there, including a large bag of pine nuts. We now have childproof latches on the pantry door.

Submitted by Marty Grenhart